Joel Kohm, Arbitration and Mediation in Kamloops, BC

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Joel provides mediation and arbitration services for parties to resolve their disputes in an efficient, cost-effective and confidential manner.


Joel Kohm is a full-time arbitrator and mediator who provides ADR services in the Kootenay Region and throughout British Columbia.  

With his extensive background in civil litigation and ADR practice, Joel has a deep understanding of the economic and emotional impact of disputes. He specializes in commercial contracts and torts, products liability, professional negligence, debtor/creditor, and employment issues.

As a mediator, Joel strives to understand the unique needs and concerns of all parties involved. He facilitates negotiations with candid and confidential communication to help parties reach a resolution on their own terms.

As an arbitrator, Joel has a proven track record of conducting fair, timely, and cost-effective proceedings. Parties can choose from a variety of options, including half-day or full-day hearings with expedited timelines, multi-day hearings, or a documents-only arbitration.

If you need help resolving your dispute, contact Joel today for a no-charge consultation.  As a nod to accessibility, Joel offers his ADR services at a reduced rate for claims under $50,000.


Timely, Cost-Effective Mediation and Arbitration Services in the Kootenay Region

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