Joel Kohm, expert arbitrator and mediator for Prince George, BC

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Joel provides mediation and arbitration services for parties to resolve their disputes in an efficient, cost-effective and confidential manner.


Joel Kohm is a skilled independent arbitrator and mediator offering ADR services in the Cariboo Region and throughout British Columbia. With over 35 years as a civil litigator, legal skills instructor, and ADR practitioner, Joel is well-equipped to provide timely, confidential, and cost-effective dispute resolution services tailored to the needs and circumstances of the disputants. Joel provides those services in-person or via Zoom.  Joel’s expertise includes commercial contracts and torts, products liability, professional negligence, debtor/creditor, and employment issues.

 As a mediator, Joel works hard to understand the needs and concerns of each party. He facilitates negotiations through candid and confidential communication with each party and encourages them to assess their case and negotiating strategy.

Joel is a proven arbitrator with a track record of providing fair, timely, and cost-effective proceedings. Clients have the option of choosing a half-day, full-day, multi-day hearings, or a documents-only arbitration.

Contact Joel to arrange a no-charge consultation.  As a nod to accessibility, Joel offers his ADR services at a reduced rate for claims under $50,000.


Timely, Cost-Effective Mediation and Arbitration Services in the Cariboo Region

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