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Joel provides arbitration services in which parties feel they have been heard and understood, and their dispute fairly determined.


Efficient and Flexible Arbitrations

Timely and Cost-Effective Alternative to Civil Trials

Arbitration offers parties a cost-effective and timely alternative to a civil trial, enabling them to achieve efficiency and economy throughout the process by adopting rules that suit their needs and the nature of their dispute.

Joel is an experienced and qualified arbitrator with a proven record of providing fair, timely, and cost-effective arbitration services. He offers both in-person and Zoom hearings  with flexible scheduling available during the day, evenings, and weekends.

Parties may choose expedited half-day or full-day hearings, as well as documents-only arbitrations. Additionally, Joel offers reduced rates for claims under $50,000.

“I endorse Joel Kohm as an accomplished arbitrator. His ability to manage and decide complex disputes and reach a just outcome is highly commendable.”
Rina E. Jeyakumar, BA, JD
Araya Law Corporation, Sun Peaks, BC